ABOUT US Core Values

Our Diversity Statement 

At Resilient Forestry, the technical aspects of our work are guided by science, but the way that we conduct ourselves and our business are guided by a set of core values as defined by members of the company.


We recognize that the fields of forestry and forest ecology are not immune to the systemic barriers to diversity, equity, and inclusion. While we wish things were different, we are part of this world too, and we are not perfect. We realize that confronting these issues is an active and perpetual process, and we acknowledge the limitations to what we as a small organization are capable of within the context of these larger systems.


Resilient Forestry is committed to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment. We desire to create a space where we collectively advocate for one another and where all are valued, respected, and supported. We believe that doing so is the best way to promote creativity, foster personal growth, and contribute towards enacting positive social change. We operate under the shared belief that learning, open-mindedness, and growth are fundamental not only to science but also to evolving as a company.


The kind of change we strive for is not a problem with a defined end; it is a seed that must be nurtured closely and carefully. We begin by creating a dialog where introspection and transparent communication are the primary focus. We hope to identify and name dominant paradigms and work towards fostering a community and space as we grow and stretch into uncharted experiences. By defining these core values, we hope to create a foundation to guide ourselves as we engage in this process.


Our Core Values


COMPASSION We seek to understand and empathize with others' experiences. Understanding the motivations and backgrounds of our clients and collaborators helps us communicate effectively, treat everyone with kindness, and ensure everyone is heard. From this place of compassion we are motivated to be patient, act with humility, and respect differences in experiences and perspectives. We leverage our array of strengths to promote both individual and company-wide success.


INTEGRITY Integrity is the basis for everything we do at Resilient Forestry. We are committed to honesty, trust, and transparency with our clients and partnerships. We understand that trust is built over time, and our goal is to build a solid foundation on which we can build open, honest, and meaningful relationships.


GROWTH We value growth within our company, our community, and our clients. An ethic of curiosity promotes personal as well as professional growth; to us, both hold equal weight. By remaining flexible and fluid, we strive to always be learning how to better navigate the social, cultural, and political complexities/landscapes of our world. We focus on progress and not perfection, and understand that growth is a slow process, but by fostering it we hope to grow an inclusive and resilient company.


COMMUNITY We are a community defined by its members and our values. Being part of this community brings to each of us meaning and purpose that goes beyond the content of our work. We advocate for each other so that members of our community have space to think in their own way and exercise their individual creativity. Through the embodiment of these principles, we hope to develop positive relationships and partnerships with the individuals we serve, other organizations, their staff, and with each other.